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What is DeepTube's

Affiliate Program ?

Empower your network with the game-changing potential of DeepTube's AI-driven solutions for YouTube and 𝕏. Share your unique Affiliate link and earn 25% from referred subscriptions. Your network benefits from AI-driven content transformation, while you earn rewards for introducing them to this opportunity.

Apply if you're a :

YouTube Content Creator
AI & Tech Enthusiast
Digital Marketer/Agency
Tech Reviewer/Blogger
Affiliate Marketer
Content Creation Expert
Productivity Coach
How it works

Craft Content with Your Affiliate Link

Successful affiliates create educational content that introduces their audience to the power of DeepTube's AI in transforming digital content, spanning YouTube and more. Share your unique link and explain why DeepTube is your recommended choice.

Support Your Audience's Success

Top-performing DeepTube affiliates go beyond mere sign-ups; they actively support their audience for sustained success. Remember, the real value in software affiliate programs lies in nurturing customer relationships that extend up to 12 months.

Earn Recurring 25% Commissions for a Year

When someone uses your unique link to subscribe to DeepTube within 45 days, you earn 25% commissions. For instance, if they pay $100, you earn $25. As you refer more customers who continue using DeepTube, your earnings grow.

25% Subscriptions + Reserve Coins
45 Days Cookie
12 Months

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Frequently asked questions

The referral cookie lasts for 45 days. If an individual clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase within 45 days of that click, the affiliate receives credit for the referral. If the purchase occurs after 45 days, the affiliate is not credited with influencing the purchase, the cookie expires, and no commissions are awarded.