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Our monthly credit plans offer a range of options to fit your needs, so you can power through your operations with confidence.


Get started with our basic package and receive 550 credits to complete your operations.


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Upgrade to our standard package and receive double the credits, giving you more flexibility to complete your operations.


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Take your operations to the next level with our premium package, offering even more credits for your needs.


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For those with high-volume needs, our business package offers the most credits at the best value to power through your operations.


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Usage Cost Per Operation
YouTube Tools
(CC)Video Caption
AI Transcript
5 credits / video-minute
Key Moments
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
Summary & Notes
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
Step-by-step Guide
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
Blog Post
3 credits - fixed
once per video
Prepare Chat
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
Video Chat
1 credit / query
Channel Chat
1 credit / query
𝕏 Assistant
once per video
Prepare Transcript
1 credit / 3 video-minutes
per 5 search results
𝕏 Posts (Single + Multi)
1 credit / post
Chat (Single + Multi)
1 credit / query
Reply Assist
1 credit / ~ 150 words (input)
Running out of credits ? No worries, We also offer optional reserve credits to keep making operations even after running out of your monthly plan credits.









Reserve Credits do not expire and will only be used if you run out of your monthly credits.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, upon registration, you'll receive 50 free credits. These credits allow you to explore our tools without the need to enter your credit card information.